2006 British HillClimb Championship Results

The table on this page shows the results of the 2006 British Hill Climb Championship. Drivers competed over 34 rounds with the total of their best 28 results deciding the result.

The order of the table can be changed by clicking on any of the underlined table headers to sort by that column. Clicking on an event header, e.g. SW, will take you to the runoff results for that event. Some columns will be hidden when viewed on smaller screens.

British HillClimb Championship Positions 2006

1M Groves296276
2S Moran286255
3R Moran225211
4S Durling193187
5M Dean184183
6P Ranson148148
7C Merrick129128
8R Turnbull6969
9D Young6464
10T New6363
11T Willis4040
12B Pitt3838
13W Toet2323
14P Cooke1717
15O Tomlin1212
16W Mason1111
17S Robb99
18J Goodyear99
19T Wilson88
20J Leinster88
21C Guille66
22M Coley66
23T Wiltshire55
24J King44
25J Robinson44
26J Waggitt44
27G Tanquerel33
28D Foden33
29N Saunders33
30P Jefferies22
31A Crawford22
32M Harrison11
33P Le Messurier11
34T Mason11
35S Owen00
36K Davison00
37A Coley00
38J Forsyth00
39W Loughridge00
40S Tomlin00
41C Le Maitre00
42M Beattie00
43M Sidgwick00

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Round Results

Loton Park

1st Run Off Results - Round 1

1S Moran46.5410--
2R Moran46.7090.160.16
3S Durling47.0380.490.33
4R Turnbull49.3072.762.27
5W Toet49.3662.820.06
6T New49.5052.960.14
7B Pitt49.9843.440.48
8J Robinson50.0633.520.08
9M Coley50.7024.160.64
10M Harrison51.2914.750.59
11S Owen51.5805.040.29
12C Merrick65.00018.4613.42

2nd Run Off Results - Round 2

1R Moran46.2610--
2M Groves46.3490.080.08
3S Moran46.8980.630.55
4S Durling47.4871.220.59
5P Ranson47.7361.470.25
6C Merrick48.8552.591.12
7W Toet48.8642.600.01
8T New49.6033.340.74
9R Turnbull50.1223.860.52
10M Dean50.3814.120.26
11B Pitt50.5304.270.15
12M Coley50.9904.730.46


1st Run Off Results - Round 3

1M Groves38.0110--
2S Moran38.6190.600.60
3D Young39.3581.340.74
4S Durling39.4071.390.05
5R Moran39.5261.510.12
6R Turnbull39.5851.570.06
7M Dean39.6441.630.06
8C Merrick39.6631.650.02
9W Mason40.1722.160.51
10M Coley40.3312.320.16
11W Toet41.0002.990.67
12O Tomlin???0--

2nd Run Off Results - Round 4

1M Groves37.8710--
2S Moran37.9390.060.06
3R Moran38.9181.040.98
4M Dean39.3571.480.44
5S Durling39.4261.550.07
6R Turnbull39.7451.870.32
7W Mason40.1842.310.44
8P Ranson40.2432.370.06
9T New40.7422.870.50
10J Goodyear41.0913.220.35
11P Jefferies41.6203.750.53
12D Young???0--

Barbon Manor

1st Run Off Results - Round 5

1M Groves21.7810--
2S Durling22.1990.410.41
3R Moran22.2280.440.03
4S Moran22.4070.620.18
5R Turnbull22.5760.790.17
6M Dean22.7150.930.14
7W Toet22.8041.020.09
8C Merrick22.8531.070.05
9P Ranson23.3021.520.45
10T New23.8412.060.54
11A Crawford24.1602.380.32
12J Robinson24.5902.810.43

2nd Run Off Results - Round 6

1M Groves21.1710--
2M Dean21.6690.490.49
3R Moran21.6980.520.03
4S Moran21.8370.660.14
5S Durling21.8660.690.03
6W Toet22.4751.300.61
7P Ranson22.6341.460.16
8C Merrick22.7631.590.13
9R Turnbull22.8621.690.10
10A Crawford23.5612.390.70
11A Coley24.1302.960.57
12T New24.5803.410.45


1st Run Off Results - Round 7

1S Moran62.9710--
2M Groves63.5290.550.55
3R Moran64.1681.190.64
4C Merrick64.7171.740.55
5S Durling65.1462.170.43
6T New65.8252.850.68
7W Toet67.0344.061.21
8J Waggitt67.0934.120.06
9T Wilson67.2924.320.20
10M Dean67.4714.500.18
11P Ranson67.5404.570.07
12B Pitt68.5605.591.02

2nd Run Off Results - Round 8

1M Groves54.1010--
2R Moran55.9491.841.84
3S Durling56.7282.620.78
4S Moran60.3276.223.60
5C Guille60.7166.610.39
6P Ranson61.0056.900.29
7B Pitt61.0246.920.02
8T New61.1537.050.13
9C Merrick62.2928.191.14
10J Waggitt63.9219.821.63
M DeanFAIL0Off at Farmhouse
T WilsonFAIL0Spin

Gurston Down

1st Run Off Results - Round 9

1M Groves26.3010--
2M Dean26.7190.410.41
3S Moran26.7380.430.02
4P Ranson27.2370.930.50
5D Young27.6261.320.39
6S Durling27.6851.380.06
7R Moran27.7041.400.02
8C Merrick27.8931.590.19
9R Turnbull28.0621.760.17
10B Pitt28.8212.520.76
11J Forsyth28.8502.550.03
12T Wiltshire29.3503.050.50

2nd Run Off Results - Round 10

1M Groves26.3710--
2M Dean26.7690.390.39
3S Moran26.8580.480.09
4R Moran27.5071.130.65
5S Durling27.5861.210.08
6P Ranson27.6651.290.08
7D Young27.8141.440.15
8C Merrick27.9231.550.11
9B Pitt27.9421.570.02
10R Turnbull27.9911.620.05
11T Wiltshire29.1502.781.16
12T New29.8803.510.73

Shelsley Walsh

1st Run Off Results - Round 11

1M Groves24.0610--
2S Moran24.4390.370.37
3M Dean24.6380.570.20
4D Young24.6970.630.06
5P Ranson24.8260.760.13
6S Durling24.8550.790.03
7R Turnbull24.8940.830.04
8R Moran25.0631.000.17
9C Merrick25.8121.750.75
10P Cooke26.2912.230.48
11K Davison26.9602.900.67
12S Tomlin27.5303.470.57

2nd Run Off Results - Round 12

1M Groves23.8110--
2S Moran23.9790.160.16
3P Ranson24.5780.760.60
4M Dean24.7170.900.14
5S Durling25.2161.400.50
6R Moran25.8952.080.68
7C Merrick25.9342.120.04
8P Cooke26.2432.430.31
9B Pitt26.3222.510.08
10T New26.7612.950.44
11M Harrison27.0303.220.27
K DavisonFAIL0NR: Stood down

Loton Park

1st Run Off Results - Round 13

1S Moran45.9410--
2M Groves46.3090.360.36
3R Moran46.3580.410.05
4P Ranson46.7270.780.37
5S Durling47.0061.060.28
6C Merrick47.1751.230.17
7M Dean47.9542.010.78
8O Tomlin48.1332.190.18
9T New48.2022.260.07
10J Goodyear48.8812.940.68
11T Willis49.5603.620.68
D YoungFAIL0NR: Broken CV

2nd Run Off Results - Round 14

1M Groves45.4510--
2S Moran45.8090.350.35
3S Durling46.6081.150.80
4R Moran47.3171.860.71
5C Merrick47.3261.870.01
6M Dean47.7352.280.41
7D Young48.2742.820.54
8J Goodyear48.7533.300.48
9T New48.9823.530.23
10J Robinson49.9214.470.94
11T Wilson50.0104.560.09
P RansonFAIL0Off at Museum


1st Run Off Results - Round 15

1M Groves40.9910--
2R Moran42.5491.551.55
3S Moran42.9982.000.45
4S Durling43.2872.290.29
5R Turnbull43.8562.860.57
6W Mason43.8752.880.02
7M Dean44.0243.030.15
8T Willis45.3634.371.34
9P Ranson46.3125.320.95
10T New46.3215.330.01
11T Wilson46.6105.620.29
12A Crawford47.5606.570.95

2nd Run Off Results - Round 16

1R Moran41.8810--
2S Moran43.1091.221.22
3M Groves43.2281.340.12
4S Durling43.3471.460.12
5M Dean43.3861.500.04
6T Willis45.1753.291.79
7R Turnbull45.4343.550.26
8P Ranson46.0534.170.62
9T New46.5424.660.49
10C Merrick47.3015.420.76
11T Wilson47.9206.040.62


1st Run Off Results - Round 17

1S Moran49.19 Record11--
2D Young50.3091.111.11
3R Moran50.4481.250.14
4M Dean50.7671.570.32
5S Durling51.1561.960.39
6C Merrick51.7352.540.58
7P Ranson52.1742.980.44
8P Cooke52.4633.270.29
9M Coley52.5923.400.13
10R Turnbull52.8113.620.22
11B Pitt53.8404.651.03
M GrovesFAIL0Spin off on re-run

2nd Run Off Results - Round 18

1M Groves49.9210--
2S Moran50.1090.180.18
3R Moran50.3880.460.28
4M Dean50.5070.580.12
5S Durling50.8160.890.31
6D Young50.8950.970.08
7C Merrick51.9342.011.04
=P Ranson51.9342.010.00
9R Turnbull52.3822.460.45
10O Tomlin52.4712.550.09
11A Coley52.5102.590.04
12M Coley52.7802.860.27

Bouley Bay

1st Run Off Results - Round 19

1S Durling38.7110--
2M Groves38.9390.220.22
3S Moran38.9980.280.06
4R Turnbull39.0470.330.05
5M Dean39.0960.380.05
6R Moran39.3750.660.28
7C Merrick39.7040.990.33
8P Ranson40.1831.470.48
9T New40.3121.600.13
10P Cooke41.5112.801.20
11A Crawford42.5803.871.07
T WillisFAIL0Spin at Radio

2nd Run Off Results - Round 20

1M Groves38.47 Record11--
2S Moran38.7090.230.23
3M Dean39.2480.770.54
4C Merrick39.3970.920.15
5R Turnbull39.4660.990.07
6R Moran39.6051.130.14
7T New40.3341.860.73
8S Durling41.4332.961.10
9B Pitt41.6423.170.21
10P Cooke42.0213.550.38
11A Crawford42.4303.960.41
12P Le Messurier47.9209.455.49

Val des Terres

1st Run Off Results - Round 21

1M Groves28.97 Record11--
2R Moran29.6790.700.70
3M Dean29.8380.860.16
4S Moran29.8870.910.05
5P Cooke30.9461.971.06
6C Merrick30.9852.010.04
7P Ranson31.0142.040.03
8B Pitt31.1332.160.12
9T New31.5122.540.38
10N Saunders32.0013.030.49
11T Willis32.5303.560.53
C Le MaitreFAIL0Engine

2nd Run Off Results - Round 22

1S Moran28.84 Record11--
2M Groves29.1790.330.33
3R Moran29.9981.150.82
4P Ranson30.3471.500.35
5T New31.2162.370.87
6C Merrick31.5052.660.29
7J King31.6742.830.17
8G Tanquerel31.9533.110.28
9N Saunders32.0223.180.07
10P Le Messurier32.2513.410.23
M DeanFAIL0Spin

Wiscombe Park

1st Run Off Results - Round 23

1S Durling35.6110--
2R Turnbull36.7691.151.15
3P Ranson36.7981.180.03
4T Willis36.9071.290.11
5C Merrick36.9461.330.04
6T New37.0051.390.06
7S Moran37.0441.430.04
8B Pitt37.1631.550.12
9M Dean37.3221.710.16
10T Wiltshire37.3911.780.07
M GrovesFAIL0Off at Bunny's Leap
W MasonFAIL0Straight on at Martini

2nd Run Off Results - Round 24

1M Groves35.5710--
2S Durling35.9590.380.38
3S Moran36.3480.770.39
4B Pitt36.5570.980.21
5C Merrick36.8261.250.27
6T New37.1851.610.36
7T Wiltshire37.4241.850.24
8T Willis37.4331.860.01
9O Tomlin37.9522.380.52
10M Coley39.0613.491.11
11J Forsyth39.3603.790.30
12M Dean41.6906.122.33


1st Run Off Results - Round 25

1S Moran40.8010--
2R Moran40.9590.150.15
3M Dean41.0380.230.08
4M Groves41.4370.630.40
5P Ranson41.7460.940.31
6C Merrick41.8751.070.13
7J Leinster42.4041.600.53
8S Robb43.4732.671.07
9T New43.8823.080.41
10T Mason44.8914.091.01
W LoughridgeFAIL0Spin before May's Cross
W MasonFAIL0No gears

2nd Run Off Results - Round 26

1M Groves40.1310--
2S Moran40.3690.230.23
3M Dean41.2081.070.84
4P Ranson41.5671.430.36
5R Moran41.6761.540.11
6C Merrick41.7251.590.05
7J Leinster42.3642.230.64
8S Robb44.4834.352.12
9T New44.5924.460.11
10A Crawford45.6615.531.07
11W Loughridge46.9806.851.32
12M Beattie62.34022.2115.36

Shelsley Walsh

1st Run Off Results - Round 27

1M Groves23.75 Record11--
2S Moran23.8690.110.11
3M Dean24.4580.700.59
4C Merrick24.5170.760.06
5P Ranson24.5860.830.07
6D Young24.8751.120.29
7R Moran25.0341.280.16
8S Durling25.1331.380.10
9B Pitt25.6121.860.48
10J Goodyear26.0212.270.41
11T Willis26.1502.400.13
12K Davison26.4702.720.32

2nd Run Off Results - Round 28

1M Groves24.0910--
2S Moran24.2690.170.17
3P Ranson24.4580.360.19
4M Dean24.8370.740.38
5D Young24.9260.830.09
6C Merrick25.0951.000.17
7R Moran25.2141.120.12
8S Durling25.4131.320.20
9B Pitt25.7321.640.32
10T Willis26.2612.170.53
11M Harrison26.2702.180.01
12J Goodyear27.0802.990.81

Gurston Down

1st Run Off Results - Round 29

1M Groves26.0410--
2S Moran26.3490.300.30
3P Ranson27.0380.990.69
4R Moran27.0871.040.05
5M Dean27.1261.080.04
6S Durling27.2651.220.14
7B Pitt27.4841.440.22
8J Goodyear27.4931.450.01
9C Merrick27.5221.480.03
10D Young27.5411.500.02
11O Tomlin27.5701.530.03
12T Willis28.6102.571.04

2nd Run Off Results - Round 30

1S Moran25.8910--
2M Groves25.9990.100.10
3P Ranson26.7180.820.72
4R Moran26.7270.830.01
5C Merrick26.8660.970.14
6M Dean27.1151.220.25
=S Durling27.1151.220.00
8D Young27.3731.480.26
9B Pitt27.9322.040.56
10T Willis28.6612.770.73
11K Davison28.9403.050.28
J GoodyearFAIL0NR: Broke on startline


1st Run Off Results - Round 31

1S Moran36.6910--
2M Groves37.1790.480.48
3M Dean37.7181.020.54
4S Durling38.0771.380.36
5D Young38.3261.630.25
6O Tomlin38.5651.870.24
7C Merrick38.6341.940.07
8R Moran38.6431.950.01
9P Ranson38.9022.210.26
10T Willis39.5312.840.63
11B Pitt40.5303.841.00
J WaggittFAIL0

2nd Run Off Results - Round 32

1S Moran36.7010--
2R Moran37.6090.900.90
3M Dean37.6180.910.01
4P Ranson37.7871.080.17
5C Merrick38.0061.300.22
6M Groves38.1351.430.13
7T Willis38.2141.510.08
8S Durling38.3731.670.16
9P Cooke38.5221.820.15
10O Tomlin38.7512.050.23
11D Young38.8802.180.13
12S Owen40.0203.321.14


1st Run Off Results - Round 33

1M Groves37.0310--
2M Dean37.7890.750.75
3S Durling39.0081.971.22
4R Moran39.0472.010.04
5T Willis39.3162.280.27
6S Moran39.6852.650.37
7P Ranson40.6843.651.00
8S Robb41.9434.911.26
9T New42.4025.370.46
10T Wilson42.7315.700.33
11C Merrick43.0606.030.33
12S Owen44.1207.091.06

2nd Run Off Results - Round 34

1M Groves40.1710--
2T Willis41.1690.990.99
3S Durling41.3981.220.23
4R Moran41.9271.750.53
5T New43.0462.871.12
6T Wilson43.6853.510.64
7P Ranson44.6744.500.99
8D Foden45.2735.100.60
9P Jefferies45.3925.220.12
10S Moran46.4116.241.02
11S Owen47.1106.940.70
12M Sidgwick47.7707.600.66