1996 British HillClimb Championship Results

The table on this page shows the results of the 1996 British Hill Climb Championship. Drivers competed over 16 rounds with the total of their best 10 results deciding the result.

The order of the table can be changed by clicking on any of the underlined table headers to sort by that column. Clicking on an event header, e.g. SW, will take you to the runoff results for that event. Some columns will be hidden when viewed on smaller screens.

British HillClimb Championship Positions 1996

1R Lane11896
2R Moran12090
3P Wood9481
4T Mason7263
5B Bristow6259
6D Grace5858
7G Priaulx4141
8G Ritchie4141
9S Durling3939
10J Fletcher3535
11R Brown3333
12A Priaulx2020
13T Barrington1616
14T Brown1515
15P Le Gallais1212
16S Frost1111
17J Moulds1010
18C Le Maitre99
19P Griffiths99
20A Kittle88
21G Wight Jnr88
22D Young66
23M Groves66
24R Pickering55
25T Thomson55
26G Sketchley44
27A Newton44
28J Carre44
29M Orme33
30P Parker33
31P Harper22
32R Earle22
33N Fletcher22
34R Turnbull11
35D Flanagan11
36I Le Messurier11
37T Tewson00
38C Cannell00
39K Allen00
40J Robinson00
41D Flanagan00
42R Kilty00
43D Render00
44P Brehaut00
45A Duport00
46K Snailham00

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Round Results

Loton Park

Run Off Results - Round 1

1A Priaulx47.82 Record10--
2R Moran48.4390.610.61
3P Wood48.7380.910.30
4R Lane48.8671.040.13
5G Priaulx49.9562.131.09
6T Mason49.8852.06-0.07
7J Fletcher50.0242.200.14
8M Orme50.1032.280.08
9P Harper51.0423.220.94
10J Moulds51.0813.260.04
11J Robinson51.2403.420.16
12S Durling51.6403.820.40

Wiscombe Park

Run Off Results - Round 2

1R Lane36.2310--
2P Wood36.3490.110.11
3R Moran36.3980.160.05
4T Mason36.7370.500.34
5B Bristow36.9760.740.24
6G Ritchie37.1450.910.17
7S Durling37.1940.960.05
8J Fletcher37.3131.080.12
9T Barrington38.1321.900.82
10R Brown38.3312.100.20
G PriaulxFAIL0NR: Accident in quaLIFYING


Run Off Results - Round 3

1R Lane38.4610--
2P Wood38.6590.190.19
3R Moran39.3280.860.67
4T Mason39.7771.310.45
5D Young40.1261.660.35
6S Durling40.1251.660.00
7G Ritchie40.1641.700.04
8B Bristow40.2531.790.09
9T Barrington40.4121.950.16
10R Turnbull40.4511.990.04
11M Orme40.5602.100.11
12T Tewson41.0602.600.50

Barbon Manor

Run Off Results - Round 4

1T Mason21.4510--
2P Wood21.4890.030.03
3R Moran21.5980.140.11
4S Durling21.6470.190.05
5G Ritchie21.6560.200.01
6T Barrington22.2750.820.62
7B Bristow22.3940.940.12
8T Brown22.5331.080.14
9P Griffiths22.7221.270.19
10R Brown22.7411.290.02
11J Fletcher22.9501.500.21
R LaneFAIL0Gear linkage broke

Lhergy Frissell

Run Off Results - Round 5

1B Bristow57.1610--
2T Brown57.6090.440.44
3A Kittle57.7580.590.15
4P Griffiths58.8171.651.06
5R Brown59.0061.840.19
6R Pickering60.0652.901.06
7G Sketchley62.1845.022.12
8P Parker64.3137.152.13
9R Earle67.1429.982.83
10D Flanagan73.28116.126.14
D FlanaganFAIL0Accident

Gurston Down

Run Off Results - Round 6

1R Lane28.2510--
2R Moran28.5790.320.32
3P Wood28.6980.440.12
4D Grace28.7270.470.03
5T Mason29.0060.750.28
6S Durling29.2050.950.20
7T Barrington29.4141.160.21
8G Ritchie29.4831.230.07
9J Fletcher29.6521.400.17
10B Bristow30.1111.860.46
11A Kittle30.1901.940.08
12C Cannell30.2702.020.08

Shelsley Walsh

Run Off Results - Round 7

1R Lane26.3110--
2R Moran26.9790.660.66
3D Grace27.0380.720.06
4P Wood27.1170.800.08
5G Ritchie27.4661.150.35
6G Priaulx27.5351.220.07
7T Mason27.5941.280.06
8R Brown27.7831.470.19
9S Durling27.8921.580.11
10T Barrington28.0311.720.14
11J Fletcher28.1901.880.16
12J Moulds28.7802.470.59


Run Off Results - Round 8

1R Lane38.5810--
2G Ritchie38.6190.030.03
3R Moran39.0480.460.43
4D Grace39.3570.770.31
5T Mason39.3860.800.03
6P Wood39.6251.040.24
7S Frost39.7441.160.12
8G Wight Jnr40.0831.500.34
9R Brown40.2621.680.18
10J Fletcher40.6112.030.35
11T Barrington41.0202.440.41


Run Off Results - Round 9

1D Grace55.9310--
2R Lane56.1590.220.22
3B Bristow58.2282.292.07
4J Moulds58.5072.570.28
5T Mason58.7262.790.22
6R Moran59.1153.180.39
7A Newton59.2943.360.18
8T Thomson59.5933.660.30
9P Wood59.8623.930.27
10S Durling60.6114.680.75
11G Priaulx61.9606.031.35
12R Kilty62.1806.250.22

Bouley Bay

Run Off Results - Round 10

1R Moran39.6410--
2B Bristow39.7590.110.11
3R Lane40.0680.420.31
4G Priaulx40.3870.740.32
5J Fletcher40.6561.010.27
6P Le Gallais41.9752.331.32
7S Frost42.1242.480.15
8T Mason42.2232.580.10
9N Fletcher42.3522.710.13
10C Le Maitre42.4812.840.13
11D Render42.8203.180.34
12T Tewson43.2603.620.44

Val des Terres

Run Off Results - Round 11

1R Moran31.3210--
2G Priaulx31.3390.010.01
3C Le Maitre31.6380.310.30
4P Le Gallais31.7270.400.09
5M Groves31.9060.580.18
6B Bristow31.9850.660.08
7J Carre32.0040.680.02
8R Lane32.0830.760.08
9J Fletcher32.3921.070.31
10I Le Messurier32.9511.630.56
11P Brehaut32.6201.30-0.33
12A Duport35.8104.493.19

Shelsley Walsh

Run Off Results - Round 12

1D Grace26.9510--
2R Lane27.2290.270.27
3P Wood27.6280.670.40
4R Moran27.8470.890.22
5R Brown27.8760.920.03
6T Mason28.0851.130.21
7G Priaulx28.4941.540.41
8B Bristow28.7831.830.29
9S Durling29.0022.050.22
10J Moulds29.0612.110.06
11D Young29.5902.640.53
12G Ritchie30.1903.240.60

Gurston Down

Run Off Results - Round 13

1D Grace27.7910--
2R Lane28.0390.240.24
3S Durling28.3180.520.28
4T Mason28.3670.570.05
5P Wood28.5060.710.14
6R Moran28.6950.900.19
7R Brown28.7640.970.07
8G Priaulx28.9231.130.16
9T Barrington29.4221.630.50
10B Bristow29.5211.730.10
11J Fletcher29.9802.190.46
12C Cannell30.8303.040.85


Run Off Results - Round 14

1R Lane38.2810--
2P Wood38.3190.030.03
3R Brown38.5280.240.21
4G Priaulx38.6070.320.08
5D Grace38.8260.540.22
6R Moran38.8750.590.05
7B Bristow39.1640.880.29
8J Fletcher39.2430.960.08
9T Mason39.3521.070.11
10J Moulds39.6111.330.26
11T Barrington40.0401.760.43
12D Young40.2201.940.18

Wiscombe Park

Run Off Results - Round 15

1R Moran35.2710--
2R Lane35.3090.030.03
3P Wood35.5680.290.26
4B Bristow35.8370.560.27
5J Fletcher35.8460.570.01
6S Durling35.8450.570.00
7T Mason36.2240.950.38
8T Brown36.5931.320.37
9R Brown36.6721.400.08
10G Ritchie36.6911.420.02
11T Barrington37.0501.780.36
12S Frost37.4202.150.37


Run Off Results - Round 16

1A Priaulx38.4010--
2R Moran38.9090.500.50
3J Fletcher39.2980.890.39
4G Ritchie39.3470.940.05
5P Wood39.5061.100.16
6G Wight Jnr39.5451.140.04
7R Lane39.6341.230.09
8S Frost40.0831.680.45
9T Thomson40.4522.050.37
10B Bristow41.0112.610.56
11K Snailham41.0702.670.06