1980 British HillClimb Championship Results

The table on this page shows the results of the 1980 British Hill Climb Championship. Drivers competed over 16 rounds with the total of their best 10 results deciding the result.

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British HillClimb Championship Positions 1980

1C Cramer14298
2M Griffiths13795
3R Lane10977
4R Turnbull8267
5D Harris7567
6A Douglas-Osborn6866
7D Franklin5454
8G Crompton3333
9M Dungworth3232
10N Galbraith3232
11P Kaye2424
12M Harvey1616
13A Richards1212
14J Campbell1111
15R Jones1010
16R Parsons66
17T Williams66
18J Jack66
19P Pipet44
20M Bolsover44
21A Smith33
22D Garnett33
23M Joseland33
24S Cuff11
25R Fry11
26P Varley11
27B Lord11

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Round Results

Loton Park

Run Off Results - Round 1

1M Griffiths50.37 Record10--
2D Franklin51.0290.650.65
3D Harris51.1380.760.11
4C Cramer51.9871.610.85
5R Lane52.9862.611.00
6A Douglas-Osborn53.6253.250.64
7G Crompton54.0243.650.40
8N Galbraith54.1933.820.17
9A Richards54.3924.020.20
10J Campbell54.9114.540.52

Wiscombe Park

Run Off Results - Round 2

1M Griffiths37.8310--
2C Cramer38.0690.230.23
3D Harris38.0780.240.01
4A Douglas-Osborn38.2570.420.18
5R Lane38.5560.720.30
6R Turnbull38.9751.140.42
7G Crompton39.3641.530.39
8A Richards39.5831.750.22
9J Campbell39.9122.080.33
10D Franklin49.31111.489.40


Run Off Results - Round 3

1M Griffiths41.33 Record10--
2C Cramer41.84 Record90.510.51
3D Franklin41.89 Record80.560.05
4R Lane41.93 Record70.600.04
5D Harris42.13 Record60.800.20
6T Williams42.4851.150.35
7R Turnbull42.5041.170.02
8M Dungworth42.5931.260.09
9A Douglas-Osborn42.6621.330.07
10S Cuff43.6812.351.02

Barbon Manor

Run Off Results - Round 4

1M Griffiths22.34 Record10--
2A Douglas-Osborn22.65 Record90.310.31
3R Lane22.71 Record80.370.06
4C Cramer22.75 Record70.410.04
5D Harris22.8460.500.09
6N Galbraith23.2250.880.38
7M Dungworth23.2540.910.03
8R Turnbull23.2730.930.02
9A Richards23.9421.600.67
G CromptonFAIL0


Run Off Results - Round 5

1C Cramer37.46 Record10--
2M Griffiths37.69 Record90.230.23
3R Lane38.08 Record80.620.39
4A Douglas-Osborn38.2470.780.16
5G Crompton38.4260.960.18
6M Dungworth38.6051.140.18
7R Turnbull38.8141.350.21
8D Franklin38.9531.490.14
9D Harris39.0721.610.12
10N Galbraith39.5712.110.50

Shelsley Walsh

Run Off Results - Round 6

1A Douglas-Osborn26.71 Record10--
2R Lane27.23 Record90.520.52
3M Griffiths27.4580.740.22
4C Cramer27.6870.970.23
5D Franklin27.7661.050.08
6G Crompton27.9751.260.21
7R Turnbull28.0741.360.10
8R Jones28.3031.590.23
9N Galbraith28.5921.880.29
10R Fry29.0012.290.41


Run Off Results - Round 7

1C Cramer27.1410--
2R Lane27.9090.760.76
3R Turnbull28.0380.890.13
4M Griffiths28.0770.930.04
5M Dungworth???6--
6N Galbraith???5--
7J Jack28.8041.660.73
8M Harvey28.9131.770.11
9J Campbell29.3722.230.46
10P Varley???1--
G CromptonFAIL0NR: Crashed March @ Ruin during 2nd class run


Run Off Results - Round 8

1C Cramer44.8010--
2M Griffiths45.6290.820.82
3R Turnbull46.2681.460.64
4R Lane47.2072.400.94
5J Campbell48.2663.461.06
6M Harvey48.6753.870.41
7N Galbraith48.9844.180.31
8A Smith49.0834.280.10
9D Harris49.3624.560.28
10B Lord51.5516.752.19

Bouley Bay

Run Off Results - Round 9

1C Cramer39.88 Record10--
2M Griffiths40.32 Record90.440.44
3R Turnbull40.43 Record80.550.11
4R Lane41.03 Record71.150.60
5D Franklin41.06 Record61.180.03
6M Dungworth41.45 Record51.570.39
7D Harris41.8741.990.42
8A Richards41.9532.070.08
9G Crompton42.1422.260.19
10P Kaye42.6012.720.46

Val des Terres

Run Off Results - Round 10

1D Franklin32.1410--
2M Griffiths32.7990.650.65
3C Cramer32.8680.720.07
4D Harris32.9670.820.10
5R Turnbull33.2061.060.24
6R Lane33.4251.280.22
7P Pipet33.9141.770.49
8D Garnett34.1932.050.28
9A Richards34.3322.190.14
10T Williams34.7812.640.45


Run Off Results - Round 11

1C Cramer51.03 Record10--
2P Kaye53.9492.912.91
3G Crompton55.2384.201.29
4M Harvey55.2374.200.00
5R Parsons56.0365.000.80
6N Galbraith56.4555.420.42
7R Lane62.95411.926.50
8M Joseland82.97331.9420.02
M GriffithsFAIL0

Shelsley Walsh

Run Off Results - Round 12

1M Griffiths26.60 Record10--
2R Lane27.1290.520.52
3C Cramer27.2180.610.09
4R Turnbull27.3070.700.09
5D Harris28.0061.400.70
6R Jones28.0551.450.05
7N Galbraith28.1541.550.10
8A Douglas-Osborn28.1731.570.02
9D Franklin28.1821.580.01
10M Dungworth28.2811.680.10
G CromptonFAIL0NR:

Gurston Down

Run Off Results - Round 13

1P Kaye28.58 Record10--
2M Griffiths29.1090.520.52
3R Turnbull29.1080.520.00
4C Cramer29.1070.520.00
5R Lane29.2260.640.12
6A Douglas-Osborn29.3050.720.08
7D Harris29.7441.160.44
8M Dungworth30.1231.540.38
9R Jones30.4021.820.28
10M Harvey31.0112.430.61


Run Off Results - Round 14

1C Cramer40.37 Record10--
2M Griffiths40.74 Record90.370.37
3A Douglas-Osborn40.93 Record80.560.19
4D Harris40.93 Record70.560.00
5R Lane41.00 Record60.630.07
6R Turnbull41.21 Record50.840.21
7D Franklin41.6141.240.40
8P Kaye41.8631.490.25
9G Crompton42.1621.790.30
10M Dungworth42.5812.210.42

Wiscombe Park

Run Off Results - Round 15

1C Cramer36.40 Record10--
2M Griffiths36.78 Record90.380.38
3D Harris37.3680.960.58
4R Lane37.4571.050.09
5A Douglas-Osborn37.6961.290.24
6D Franklin37.8151.410.12
7R Turnbull37.8641.460.05
8M Dungworth38.0031.600.14
9G Crompton38.1921.790.19
10P Kaye38.3511.950.16


Run Off Results - Round 16

1C Cramer40.43 Record10--
2M Griffiths40.43 Record9--
3R Turnbull41.27 Record80.840.84
4D Harris41.4971.060.22
5A Douglas-Osborn42.0861.650.59
6R Lane42.6152.180.53
7M Bolsover42.9242.490.31
8N Galbraith43.2932.860.37
9J Jack43.8823.450.59
10M Dungworth44.0313.600.15