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2018 British HillClimb Statistics

Displayed here are British HillClimb statistics for each driver in 2018. This includes values such as the number of rounds won and the total time spent on track during runoffs.

Click on a driver's name in the left-hand column to view a detailed breakdown of their performance across all years and venues. Click on the column headings to sort the tables.

Some tables may need to be scrolled to the right to view all values.

2018 Overall Stats

ChampionTrevor Willis
Rounds Run32
Rounds Cancelled2
Events Run16
Record Points1
Drivers Qualified41
Scoring Drivers35

2018 Driver Statisitics

ResultBest PlaceQualifiedWinsWin RatePodiumsPodium RateScoresScore RateTotal PointsRecord PointsTrack Time
Trevor Willis11321237.50%2371.88%32100.00%26410h 19m 38.43s
Will Hall2131929.03%2167.74%2787.10%22900h 16m 48.80s
Wallace Menzies3130413.33%1550.00%2996.67%21700h 17m 52.47s
Dave Uren412727.41%622.22%27100.00%17500h 16m 09.91s
Richard Spedding512328.70%939.13%23100.00%16100h 15m 35.72s
Jason Mourant612827.14%1035.71%2485.71%15700h 17m 08.51s
Alex Summers722000.00%420.00%1995.00%11500h 11m 46.08s
Robert Kenrick821300.00%17.69%1292.31%5500h 07m 33.52s
Les Mutch942300.00%00.00%1773.91%4800h 13m 23.98s
Scott Moran1015120.00%360.00%5100.00%3800h 03m 22.19s
Paul Haimes1161200.00%00.00%1191.67%3400h 07m 17.36s
Darren Warwick1214125.00%250.00%4100.00%2800h 02m 12.50s
Darren Gumbley1381400.00%00.00%1392.86%2700h 09m 11.36s
David Warburton1451100.00%00.00%872.73%2400h 05m 40.94s
Terry Graves155800.00%00.00%675.00%2100h 04m 20.11s
Oliver Tomlin166600.00%00.00%6100.00%2000h 04m 16.05s
Simon Fidoe1751000.00%00.00%880.00%1900h 06m 55.17s
Graeme Wight Jnr183200.00%2100.00%2100.00%1600h 01m 13.37s
Adam Greenen195600.00%00.00%466.67%1500h 04m 14.56s
Zach Zammit206600.00%00.00%466.67%1400h 03m 16.22s
Nicola Menzies216500.00%00.00%480.00%1400h 02m 45.98s
Ben Stephenson225300.00%00.00%3100.00%1200h 02m 07.06s
Kelvin Broad237600.00%00.00%583.33%1000h 02m 40.69s
Ray Rowan246200.00%00.00%2100.00%900h 01m 29.76s
Lee Griffiths257500.00%00.00%480.00%900h 02m 39.26s
Matthew Ryder269700.00%00.00%571.43%800h 04m 51.67s
Johnathen Varley277900.00%00.00%444.44%700h 05m 06.83s
Andy Bougourd288500.00%00.00%360.00%600h 02m 29.51s
Steve Marr299500.00%00.00%120.00%200h 03m 34.06s
Nick Saunders309200.00%00.00%150.00%200h 00m 41.26s
Harry Pick3110500.00%00.00%240.00%200h 02m 48.41s
Steve Owen3210400.00%00.00%250.00%200h 03m 11.25s
Jackie Le Cheminant3310200.00%00.00%150.00%100h 01m 01.56s
Keith Weeks3410100.00%00.00%1100.00%100h 00m 50.84s
Debbie Summers3510100.00%00.00%1100.00%100h 00m 54.70s
Tony Hunt3611300.00%00.00%00.00%000h 01m 50.65s
John Mackenzie3711200.00%00.00%00.00%000h 01m 41.83s
Simon Moyse3811200.00%00.00%00.00%000h 00m 30.88s
Olivia Cooper3911200.00%00.00%00.00%000h 01m 11.52s
Allan McDonald4011100.00%00.00%00.00%000h 00m 47.54s
Jack Cottrill4111100.00%00.00%00.00%000h 00m 40.68s