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Gurston Down Guided Hill Walks

Gurston Down are planning to open their track for spectators to walk this season.

An experienced driver will conduct the walks and will give spectators a proper driver’s eye view of the course.

The timing of these walks will be announced during the meeting. It is expected they will take place during the lunch time period or at the end of the practice day on two day events. Track walks will be dependant upon time being available and subject to conditions.

You will get an opportunity to see the finish line which cannot be viewed from any spectator area. Those who don’t wish to walk the course in full can opt out of the last section at Ashes.

They do ask that a donation be given to their charity, The Stars Appeal, in return.

Seeing the tracks from a driver’s eye view gives you a better understanding of the challenge they face. Some corners and gradients are surprising different to how they look from spectator areas.

We would definitely recommend you take up the opportunity and hope other hills consider doing the same.

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