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Robert Kenrick British HillClimb Statistics

Displayed here are British HillClimb statistics for Robert Kenrick. This includes overall figures and breakdown of their performance in each year and at each venue.

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Robert Kenrick Overall Stats

Championship Best82018
Wins0Rate 0.00%
Podiums1Rate 1.89%
Scores43Rate 81.13%
Total Points165
Record Points0
Track Time0h 31m 51.73s
Earliest Season2007
Latest Season2019
Seasons Qualified5

Robert Kenrick Stats by Year

ResultBest PlaceQualifiedWinsWin RatePodiumsPodium RateScoresScore RateTotal PointsRecord PointsTrack Time
2019942000.00%00.00%1680.00%6100h 10m 27.88s
2018821300.00%17.69%1292.31%5500h 07m 33.52s
2017144400.00%00.00%4100.00%2600h 03m 01.75s
2008208900.00%00.00%666.67%1200h 05m 57.58s
2007198700.00%00.00%571.43%1100h 04m 51.00s

Robert Kenrick Stats by Venue

Best TimeBest PlaceQualifiedWinsWin RatePodiumsPodium RateScoresScore RateTotal PointsRecord PointsTrack TimeEarliest SeasonLatest SeasonSeasons Qualified
Barbon Manor21.956500.00%00.00%480.00%2000h 01m 51.43s200820193
Doune37.647200.00%00.00%2100.00%800h 01m 15.93s201920191
Gurston Down27.897400.00%00.00%4100.00%1000h 01m 53.35s201920191
Harewood49.064800.00%00.00%562.50%1800h 05m 39.81s200820193
Loton Park44.3221200.00%18.33%975.00%3700h 08m 38.57s200720195
Prescott36.9341300.00%00.00%1184.62%4900h 08m 43.55s200720195
Shelsley Walsh24.637900.00%00.00%888.89%2300h 03m 49.08s200720194