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2019 British HillClimb Statistics

Displayed here are British HillClimb statistics for each driver in 2019. This includes values such as the number of rounds won and the total time spent on track during runoffs.

Click on a driver's name in the left-hand column to view a detailed breakdown of their performance across all years and venues. Click on the column headings to sort the tables.

Some tables may need to be scrolled to the right to view all values.

2019 Overall Stats

Rounds Run26
Rounds Cancelled0
Events Run13
Record Points6
Drivers Qualified42
Scoring Drivers36

2019 Driver Statisitics

ResultBest PlaceQualifiedWinsWin RatePodiumsPodium RateScoresScore RateTotal PointsRecord PointsTrack Time
Wallace Menzies126934.62%2284.62%26100.00%23340h 14m 59.19s
Richard Spedding123417.39%939.13%23100.00%16000h 13m 23.00s
Will Hall121419.05%523.81%1990.48%12500h 11m 53.54s
Scott Moran112325.00%650.00%12100.00%9000h 06m 54.08s
Sean Gould114321.43%535.71%1285.71%8110h 07m 56.22s
Dave Uren12528.00%728.00%2496.00%15300h 13m 53.24s
Trevor Willis12314.35%834.78%2191.30%13410h 12m 18.53s
Alex Summers22600.00%1557.69%26100.00%18800h 15m 08.78s
Darren Warwick2200.00%150.00%2100.00%1500h 00m 56.02s
Robert Kenrick41500.00%00.00%1173.33%4400h 07m 38.76s
David Warburton51400.00%00.00%1178.57%3600h 06m 58.41s
Jason Mourant4800.00%00.00%787.50%3300h 05m 03.58s
Darren Gumbley9700.00%00.00%7100.00%1100h 04m 33.63s
Nicola Menzies7900.00%00.00%666.67%1500h 05m 07.89s
Eynon Price8900.00%00.00%666.67%1100h 06m 20.23s
Matthew Ryder6800.00%00.00%562.50%1400h 05m 09.89s
James Baxter8600.00%00.00%583.33%1000h 03m 53.36s
Nick Saunders4400.00%00.00%4100.00%1900h 02m 16.38s
Paul Haimes6500.00%00.00%480.00%1100h 02m 52.86s
Zach Zammit7700.00%00.00%457.14%900h 03m 50.58s
Johnathen Varley9500.00%00.00%480.00%700h 03m 36.44s
Les Mutch7500.00%00.00%360.00%700h 03m 58.18s
Graham Wynn8300.00%00.00%266.67%500h 01m 28.17s
Tim Tulie7200.00%00.00%2100.00%500h 00m 57.82s
John Chalmers9200.00%00.00%2100.00%400h 01m 16.04s
Kelvin Broad10200.00%00.00%2100.00%200h 00m 47.50s
Lee Griffiths8200.00%00.00%150.00%300h 01m 07.78s
Simon Moyse8300.00%00.00%133.33%300h 02m 31.59s
Steve Marr9400.00%00.00%125.00%200h 02m 28.63s
Adam Greenen10200.00%00.00%150.00%100h 01m 29.17s
Jeremy Phillips10200.00%00.00%150.00%100h 01m 24.94s
Andy Bougourd10100.00%00.00%1100.00%100h 00m 41.50s
Simon Andrews10100.00%00.00%1100.00%100h 00m 29.43s
Andy Greenen10300.00%00.00%133.33%100h 02m 23.59s
Harry Pick10100.00%00.00%1100.00%100h 00m 40.72s
Paul Le Messurier10200.00%00.00%150.00%100h 01m 00.95s
Liam Cooper12100.00%00.00%00.00%000h 00m 47.64s
Terry Graves12100.00%00.00%00.00%000h 00m 26.53s
Allan Warburton11300.00%00.00%00.00%000h 01m 55.77s
Olivia Cooper11200.00%00.00%00.00%000h 01m 18.69s
Bernard Kevill11100.00%00.00%00.00%000h 00m 30.02s
Ian Le Messurier11100.00%00.00%00.00%000h 00m 30.69s