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1966 British HillClimb Statistics

Displayed here are British HillClimb statistics for each driver in 1966. This includes values such as the number of rounds won and the total time spent on track during runoffs.

Click on a driver's name in the left-hand column to view a detailed breakdown of their performance across all years and venues. Click on the column headings to sort the tables.

Some tables may need to be scrolled to the right to view all values.

1966 Overall Stats

ChampionTony Marsh
Rounds Run13
Rounds Cancelled1
Events Run13
Record Points5
Drivers Qualified32
Scoring Drivers31

1966 Driver Statisitics

ResultBest PlaceQualifiedWinsWin RatePodiumsPodium RateScoresScore RateTotal PointsRecord PointsTrack Time
Tony Marsh1110660.00%990.00%10100.00%9310h 06m 47.99s
Peter Meldrum2111218.18%872.73%1090.91%7810h 07m 50.97s
Bryan Eccles311218.33%650.00%1191.67%8010h 07m 44.89s
Mike Hawley411119.09%436.36%11100.00%7800h 08m 26.16s
Peter Boshier-Jones518225.00%675.00%8100.00%6910h 05m 22.37s
Phil Scragg619111.11%222.22%9100.00%5000h 06m 36.19s
Tony Griffiths721000.00%110.00%10100.00%4600h 08m 13.14s
Ian Swift84500.00%00.00%5100.00%3210h 03m 25.86s
John Butterworth94700.00%00.00%7100.00%2800h 05m 27.95s
Ray Terry104600.00%00.00%6100.00%2400h 05m 06.51s
Bryan Brown114600.00%00.00%6100.00%1700h 04m 25.91s
Tony van Moyland125300.00%00.00%3100.00%1500h 02m 08.90s
Jimmy Johnstone133200.00%150.00%2100.00%1200h 01m 23.44s
John Barnes148400.00%00.00%4100.00%1100h 02m 45.68s
David Blankstone156300.00%00.00%3100.00%1000h 02m 30.13s
Peter Lawson162100.00%1100.00%1100.00%900h 00m 46.18s
Brian de Gruchy173100.00%1100.00%1100.00%800h 00m 51.70s
Martin Brain187200.00%00.00%2100.00%800h 02m 16.93s
Gray Mickel196200.00%00.00%2100.00%700h 01m 33.36s
Geoff Rollason205200.00%00.00%150.00%600h 00m 57.39s
Spencer Elton216100.00%00.00%1100.00%500h 00m 45.28s
Agnes Mickel227100.00%00.00%1100.00%400h 00m 56.29s
Peter Blankstone237100.00%00.00%1100.00%400h 00m 52.52s
Paul Hill248100.00%00.00%1100.00%300h 00m 58.90s
Wally Cuff258100.00%00.00%1100.00%300h 00m 46.38s
John Macartney-Filgate268100.00%00.00%1100.00%300h 01m 24.92s
Malcolm Eaves278100.00%00.00%1100.00%300h 00m 41.77s
Patsy Burt289100.00%00.00%1100.00%200h 00m 31.50s
David Hepworth2910200.00%00.00%150.00%100h 00m 37.90s
Tom Elton3010100.00%00.00%1100.00%100h 00m 53.62s
David Harrison3110100.00%00.00%1100.00%100h 00m 49.18s
John Macklin32100.00%00.00%00.00%000h 00m 00.00s