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1948 British HillClimb Statistics

Displayed here are British HillClimb statistics for each driver in 1948. This includes values such as the number of rounds won and the total time spent on track during runoffs.

Click on a driver's name in the left-hand column to view a detailed breakdown of their performance across all years and venues. Click on the column headings to sort the tables.

Some tables may need to be scrolled to the right to view all values.

1948 Overall Stats

ChampionRaymond Mays
Rounds Run5
Rounds Cancelled0
Events Run5
Record Points6
Drivers Qualified9
Scoring Drivers9

1948 Driver Statisitics

ResultBest PlaceQualifiedWinsWin RatePodiumsPodium RateScoresScore RateTotal PointsRecord PointsTrack Time
Raymond Mays114250.00%4100.00%4100.00%3620h 03m 45.79s
Dennis Poore214250.00%375.00%4100.00%3610h 03m 09.44s
Sydney Allard314125.00%375.00%4100.00%3410h 03m 48.55s
Kenneth Hutchison42500.00%360.00%5100.00%3710h 04m 32.31s
Eric Brandon52200.00%150.00%2100.00%1600h 01m 36.57s
Michael Christie65200.00%00.00%2100.00%1100h 01m 38.98s
Joe Fry7111100.00%1100.00%1100.00%1010h 00m 59.20s
Gillie Tyrer84100.00%00.00%1100.00%700h 00m 39.50s
David Murray96100.00%00.00%1100.00%500h 00m 52.44s