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Barbon Manor Paddock Drainage Project

Work has got under way at Barbon Manor to improve the drainage of the paddock area. Heavy rain and poor soil conditions have meant tricky conditions at a number of meetings. Advance cancellation has also been the only option for some events.

They report that they have had 6 months of planning, negotiating with the land owner and waiting for the weather to co-operate but were able to make a start on Tuesday (13 March).

Workers are installing drains at the top and bottom of the paddock. They will also be laying a 50m x 10m access way and a short track to help cars return to the paddock.

Two days into the two week project they are pleased with the progress. They have found just two inches of topsoil over a layer of clay to be the cause of the past water logging. There was nowhere for the water to go. Digging further down they found the ground was bone dry.

Photos from Barbon Hillclimb’s Facebook page

This is obviously a big project for a small club. They are asking people to support the coming events to help pay for this improvement work.

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